President Future Food Institute
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Sara is an experienced entrepreneur, thought leader, and disrupter in the food ecosystem. She works with globally recognized high-profile think tanks on setting the agenda for the sustainable food industry. Sara is  the director of Future Food Institute – a non-profit organization with a mission to take creative and responsible food entrepreneurs to the next level of achievement through education, research projects, and disruptive innovation experiences (such as hackathons) – and You Can Group – founded in 2004, a group of 30 companies (with over 200 bright and dynamic individuals) focused on digital, design & food.


Integral ecology means realizing the deep interconnectedness of political, economic, human, environmental, social, and cultural pillars, which is unfortunately often lacking in many large companies’ approaches to sustainability. A strategy to take care of the food system cannot ignore an important transformative factor, largely independent of governmental and institutional actions: a change in mindset, which can only come from spreading a broader awareness about food. This module focuses on regeneration, starting with the soil: regenerating the Earth must be a process and mindset that takes time, the time of nature’s cycles. It is a circle that begins with individuals returning the value of beauty to society and the economy. People and communities are expanding their vision beyond what we need today and tomorrow to what we need 20 years from now. This replaces quick fixes with completely dismantling our thinking to rebuild a more future-oriented mindset.

Food Innovation and Regeneration