Business Intelligence, Data Modeling, and Data Warehousing Specialist

Francesco Puppini is a business intelligence, data modeling, and data warehousing specialist. He has worked on over 30 different projects across Europe as a freelancer, for clients from many different industries (banking, automotive, retail, manufacturing, insurance, trading, telecoms, aerospace, and more). He is currently working as an R&D engineer for Astrato, a new cloud-based data analytics platform. Francesco is the author of “The Unified Star Schema”, a best selling book that presents a new methodology for organizing and computing data. The book was written in collaboration with Bill Inmon, known as the father of Data Warehouse.



This course will be focused on where data is stored, where are data housing and data lakes, what do all different domains do and mean and how we can relate to them. During this course you will understand how they change the way we do business and will get to know the potential barriers that data storage can generate in your business.

Business Analytics and Data Science