Sustainability manager, Gruppo Unipol Secretary, Impronta Etica
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General Secretary of Impronta Etica, she has been dealing with social responsibility since 1996, at a national and international levels, taking part in several networks. Initially, a consultant on the themes of Accountability, with a particular focus on stakeholders involvement and SA8000, she then moved to work on social policies for Coop and she is currently in charge of sustainability for Unipol.


The father of marketing Philip Kotler today talks about Brand Activism, replacing the theory of 4Ps (product, price, position, promotion) with the centrality of the person and of society.

The aim of the course is to introduce models and tools useful for rethinking consumer analysis and listening, redefining communication styles and priorities, deepening codified tools (logos, certifications, campaigns), with good practices of engagement and civic activism both in institutional and product communication.

Sustainability and Business Innovation

The goal of this course is to analyze the tools available on the market to support the adoption by companies of sustainability-oriented strategies in order to help identify possible financial solutions but above all to decline business projects, areas of development, structural investments to be financed by sustainable investors. In particular, two different perspectives related to finance will be developed within the course:

  • Institutional political process: how regulations and control bodies change
  • Operational tools: Green and Social Bond, Impact Bond, Green Loan, etc.
Sustainability and Business Innovation