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Emanuele Padovani is an associate professor at the University of Bologna, Department of Business Sciences, School of Economics Management and Statistics, and Adjunct Professor and Nonresident Senior Fellow, MSU Center for Local Government Finance and Policy, Michigan State University, East Lansing, United States. He works in the field of financial analysis of the local public sector (local authorities, regions, agencies, subsidiaries), both domestic and international, and management control in public bodies and healthcare. On these topics, he collaborates and has collaborated with public institutes at national level (e.g. Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Department of Public Administration, Court of Auditors, CNEL) and international level (EIPA Maastricht and Barcelona, Pew Charitable Trusts Washington D.C. through MSU Center for Local Government Finance and Policy) and has published about eighty contributions at national and international level.


The public governance of PAs fosters the effectiveness of policies and public strategies and of their related performances where the PA’s economic, financial and assets health are measured, together with their compatibility and functionality with the national and European investment and funding policies. The current historical period is novel for the national, European, and global economy, and this analysis perspective cannot avoid the need to consider the decisive role of public finance to face the challenges of the post Covid-19 phase. The role of local authorities, that is the “the most exposed and sensitive terminals of the Republic” (quoted from the Italian President of the Republic) on which this module focuses, will be crucial.

The Public Value Manager will be able to locate the main issues of the local Italian PAs’ financial management within the European context; the Manager will be able to recognize the funding mechanisms of the different local Italian public administrations, with specific reference to municipalities; the Manager will be able to read and interpret the balance sheets of a local PA ; the Manager will be able to analyze the state of financial health through balance sheet indexes; the Manager will be able to identify which are the features of higher financial vulnerability.