O' Connell

O' Connell
Entrepreneur, Innovator & Educator Venture Building | Open Innovation | Digital Strategy

Timothy is a pioneer in the European start-up scene both as a serial entrepreneur, investor, business leader and educator. Over the past 10 years he managed over 20 international Accelerator Programs across multiple Industries (such as Food, Fashion, IoT, Blockchain, Wellness, EdTEch) that collaborated with 100’s of early-stage startups. He has also balanced his career from working as a successful Marketing Executive with global brands to founding, managing and exiting a number of innovative startups.

As an Innovator & Investor, he is currently a Senior Partner at H-Farm, a publicly listed company focused on Business & Education Innovation, where he directs Accelerator & Open Innovation programs with industry leaders such as Gucci, Vodafone, Generali, Pfizer and Cisco. He also represents Europe on the Board of the GAN (Global Accelerator Network) and is a founding partner of the EAS (European Accelerator Summit).

As a Business Leader, he is active on numerous fronts, including his role as Managing Director of Wellness Explorers, an innovative venture builder founded by Technogym, together with his role as co-Founder & Strategy Director at The Tailors, a brand & design agency.

As an Educator, he has taught numerous University and Executive courses on Entrepreneurism, Startups, Open Innovation. He is currently teaching the Enterpreneurship course that is part of the Università di Bologna’s Laurea Magistrale Internazionale in Digital Transformation Management.


The course, whose nature is predominantly applicative, aims to develop a practical orientation towards entrepreneurship, providing the strategic and operational tools for the creation of new ventures and their subsequent development.

Lectures and readings provide an introduction to the topics to be covered in a business plan:

  • business idea evaluation
  • market and industry analysis
  • product/service and intellectual property protection
  • business model and operations
  • financials in the new venture creation process
  • engaging investors
  • art of pitching
Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods
Food and Wine
Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports
AI and Manufacturing
Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses