Full Professor of Technology and Innovation Management University of Bologna Core Faculty
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Federico Munari is Professor of Technology and Innovation Management at the Department of Management of the University of Bologna. He is the Coordinator of the Bachelor and Master Programs in Engineering Management, School of Engineering, University of Bologna. He has been the Coordinator of the PhD Programme in General Management of the University of Bologna. At Bologna Business School, he is the Director of the Open Program in Technology and Innovation Management, and Industry Leader for the Global MBA in Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports. At the School of Engineering of the University of Bologna, he teaches in courses of Innovation Management (Msc in Mechanical Engineering) and General Management (Bachelor in Engineering Management). At Bologna Business School, he teaches in courses of Innovation Management, for the Executive Master in Technology and Innovation Management, and for the Open Program in Technology and Innovation Management.

His research interests are in the fields of technology commercialization, intellectual property management, university-industry technology transfer and entrepreneurial finance. On such topics, he has been Coordinator of several international research projects, including Horizon 2020 and EIBURS projects. He has advised and collaborated with several companies and international institutions, including the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry, the European Research Council, the European Patent Office, the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

He has published on several international peer-reviewed journals, such as Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Research Policy, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Corporate Finance, Industrial and Corporate Change, Journal of Technology Transfer. He has received a PhD in Management from the University of Bologna. He has been Visiting Researcher at MIT Sloan School of Management, at the Ecole des Mines de Paris and at Cass Business School in London.


CORE COURSE – The course tackles the strategic, organizational, and management aspects related to the development of innovation. There will be a particular focus on the organizational aspects of new product development, R&D, and management of new product development projects.

Technology and Innovation

The public governance of PAs increases the effectiveness of policies and public strategies and of their related performances in the perspective of the creation of Public Value, where specific innovative organizational models are designed. The organizational design has the aim of understanding the way in which an organization works, and what determines organizational behaviors in order to provide the management with methods and tools to design the piece of organization they lead. The contents include the systemic view of the organization and design tools which are result-oriented, and also directed towards administrative simplification and accountability. The analyzed tools go from process reengineering to the lean approach.

The Public Value Manager will be able to design innovative organizational models in the framework of process simplification, fostering an adaptive organizational culture. The Manager will be able to understand the determining features of their organization, in terms of processes and behaviors. Secondly, the Manager will design the organization defining organizing roles and modifying organizational processes. Thirdly, the Manager will be aware of which methods and techniques are relevant to generate the organizational change, and finally will be able to propose to other organizational levels the necessary changes to pursue their goals, in the framework of simplification and accountability as for results.