Associate Professor, Industrial Mechanical Plants University of Bologna Core Faculty
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Cristina Mora, Engineer, Ph.D., received her honours degree in Engineering Management and her Ph.D. from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Since 2014, she is an Associate Professor in the field of Industrial Mechanical Plants at the Department of Industrial Engineering of the Engineering and Architecture School of the University of Bologna. Since 2009, she in charge of the Advanced Production Systems and the Safety in Production Systems courses at the University of Bologna. She carries out research activity on the themes of planning and design, management and safety of production systems and industrial plants, with particular reference to Lean Manufacturing, Reverse Logistics, Green Supply Chain Management. She is the author of several scientific publications presented on the occasion of national and international conferences, published on national and international journals. She works as referee for international journals in the sector. She has participated, and still does, in a series of research projects financed by public authorities and private companies on the themes of design and management of production systems and safety and maintenance of industrial plants.


FOCUS SESSION – The stringent regulations in the field of emissions and recycling and the widespread awareness of the need to reduce the impact that the production and development system has on the planet and on humanity, makes more and more contemporary talk about sustainability and Supply Chain Sustainable.

The purpose of this workshop is to analyze the production system and the entire Supply Chain from the point of view of potential impacts on the environment and society and to present methods and tools for the analysis of sustainability and for the identification of the best Trade-off between efficiency and environmental sustainability, if in contrast, as well as enhancing any synergistic elements between these two drivers.

Supply Chain and Operations