Italy Managing Director Gentili Technology Equipment SRL Adjunct Faculty
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Gianluca Masia has been involved in business management, finance and control throughout all his professional career, after graduating in Economics and a full time MBA in Profingest (today BBS). He currently holds positions on the Board of Directors of HMC Premedical SpA and of the subsidiaries HMC Medical UK Ltd and Medicina Holdings Ltd and on the Board of Directors of Gentili Technology Equipment Srl. Until December 2020 also Managing Director on the Board of Gentili UK Ltd. Within the companies he acts as General Manager. He is also Director of Teikos Consulting, a management consulting company (Teikos Team group), within which he has completed numerous consultancy interventions. Since 2010 he has been an adjunct professor of Economics and Business Organization at the University of Bologna, Faculty of Engineering. At BBS he teaches in the Administration & Control area and teaches in the “MBA Part-time (Serale)”.


Techniques of cost management and cost modeling: from cutting costs to cost management. Strategic analysis of the costs: activities, costs and cost drivers. Strategic and operational activity-based Cost Management. The value of assets and profit potential: Cost and Value Alignment. Cost management in the Value System and the network. Target Costing and Process Cost Mapping. Analysis of the costs of unused capacity.

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