Postdoctoral Researcher University of Bologna

Magalì is a post-doctoral researcher and member of the Yunus Social Business Center of the University of Bologna. She graduated with honors in economics in March 2012 at the University of Trento. She obtained her doctoral degree in Law and Economics in July 2016 at the University of Turin – Collegio Carlo Alberto. She was visiting PhD in the United States at the Cornell Law School. She has been post-doctoral researcher at Politecnico of Milan (Italy) until September 2019. Her researches and publications cover business ethics topics and also the governance of enterprises, universities and innovation policies and include theoretical and empirical works. She also carries out research activities and follows projects with public and private institutions on research and innovation policies, social innovation and public policy evaluation with a focus on social impact issues and the relationship between governance and performance. She taught the Social Innovation course in the Master “Sustainability and Business Innovation” of The Bologna Business School. She is a member of the scientific committee of the EconomEtica Center on Business Ethics.


Introduction to social innovation and concrete practices for transforming the organizational culture of sustainability from the reputational to the productive area.

Sustainability and Business Innovation
Sustainability Transition Management