ITALY Research Fellow University of Ferrara Visiting Faculty
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Giorgia Gobbo is a Research Fellow of the Department of Economics and Management at the university of Ferrara. At the university, she teaches Economic and Financial Budget Analysis, Programming and Control of Public Administrations and Economics and Budgeting of Public Administrations since 2016.
In 2019 she graduated in Business Administration and Management (Ph.D.) at the University of Pisa, an inter-university doctorate with the University of Florence and the University of Siena. She also has a Master’s Degree in Economics, Markets and Management, Management and Professions.
She conducts seminars in the course of Economics and Budgeting of Public Administrations (Bachelor’s Degree), in the course of Economic and Financial Budget Analysis (Master’s Degree), in the PERF.ET Master’s Degree (Master’s Degree in Performance Improvement of Territorial Entities and Other Public Administrations), in the ANT.COP Master’s Degree (Prevention of Corruption and Public Contracts) in the MUSEC Master’s Degree (Master’s Degree in Cultural Management).