Antonio Paco

Italy Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship Iéseg - School Of Management Visiting Faculty
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Antonio Paco Giuliani is Professor of Entrepreneurship at IESEG School of Management. He previously held faculty positions at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Pennsylvania State University and formerly worked as a strategy consultant at Bain and Company assisting clients in luxury, fashion and consumer goods, oil and gas and utilities industries.
His research focuses on how new ventures are constituted and emerge and has been published in leading journals such as the Academy of Management Review, Research Policy and Academy of Management Perspectives. He is also an active start-up investor, advisor and board member for start-ups in the USA and Europe.


This course examines successful people management policies, from hiring the right managers to retaining best employees. The choice among major organization alternatives will be followed by insight of experienced restaurant managers in order to learn ways to define the compensation scale, communicate performance expectations and measure employee performance.

The objective of the course is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills that can be useful to start an entrepreneurship process. A focus will be placed on the subjects of recognition of entrepreneurial opportunities, feasibility analysis of a new business idea from the organizational, strategic and economic-financial points of view, concluding with a business plan.

Hybrid MBA English edition

You may want to start a new green and sustainable venture. You may find yourself starting a new green and sustainable venture in the future. You may find yourself working for an entrepreneur, funding entrepreneurs, or having to work with them. Or you may simply want to be more entrepreneurial in your own career. The ultimate purpose of the course is to explore the many dimensions of new venture creation & growth in independent as well corporate settings looking at both process and people involved in assessing ideas, exploiting opportunities, and converting concepts into green and sustainable businesses that can really 2 add up to a global sustainable strategy agenda. The candidates will develop a
methodological toolkit to design, understand, and evaluate green business projects.

Sustainability Transition Management