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Cristina Gianfelici is Assistant Professor at Ca’ Foscari, University of Venice, Department of Management. Ph.D. in Economics and Management of Public Sector Organizations, Chartered Accountant and Auditor, since the year 2014 until the year 2021 she had been consultant of many companies, not for profit entities and public sector organizations, primarily on the topics of managerial and financial accounting, financial and non-financial reporting, corporate social responsibility, business combinations, business valuation, and management of local public services. On the same topics, Dr. Gianfelici have carried out teaching activities and academic research activities too. Since the A.Y. 2006/2007 until the A.Y. 2020/2021, she had been lecturer at the University of Bologna, in many courses, in Italian and in English. Since the A.Y. 2006/2007, she has been lecturer at Bologna Business School. Dr. Gianfelici is author of many scientific and professional publications, and she has been speaker at many conferences and seminars. In the A.Y. 2001/2002, she received the Rotary prize for having reached her degree in Economics at the University of Bologna with the best curriculum. Her Ph.D. dissertation received two specific awards: “Premio Enrico Gualandi 2009” and “Diploma AISRE – Giorgio Leonardi 2018”. Since 2016, she has been member of ANCREL. Since 2017, she has been ordinary member of GBS. Since 2021, she has been ordinary member of AIDEA and SIDREA.


Provides an overview of annual financial reports: logic; objective; postulates; evaluation and representation of items consistently with International Financial Reporting Standards (IAS-IFRSs) and Italian Accounting Standards (OICs). Coordination between the net income emerging from the income statement and the taxable income. Financial consolidated statements: objectives and rules for drafting..

Finance, Control and Sustainability