USA Full Professor of Management and Organization Pennsylvania State University Visiting Faculty
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Raghu Garud is Alvin H. Clemens Professor of Management & Organization and the Research Director of the Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Pennsylvania State University. Raghu’s research explores novelty emergence a theme around which he has co-edited a book under the aegis of the annual Process Organization Studies (PROS). Specifically, he explores how new ideas emerge, valued, and commercialized, offering concepts such as path creation, technology entrepreneurship and bricolage as a collective process. His recent NSF funded research explores how interlaced knowledge across scientists at ATLAS, CERN made it possible for a distributed collective to identify the Higgs boson particle. Another strand of research examines a paradox that entrepreneurial storytelling generates – how the very expectations set through projective stories to gain venture legitimacy can also serve as the source of future disappointments and loss of legitimacy.


The purpose of this module is to increase awareness of the role and functioning of modern corporations as sustainability challenges, opportunities, and solutions emerge. My objective is to enhance our collective awareness of the multiplicity of issues associated with sustainability and explore what all of this means for firms. Towards this end, I have outlined three facets of sustainability – adapting to new demands, dealing with multiple stakeholders and creating a temporal horizon– that can serve as the basis for deepening your understanding of issues connected with sustainability.

Sustainability Transition Management (Part-time)