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Alberto Fraticelli is managing director at TreCuori Spa, a benefit corporation co-founded by him. His areas of interest are mainly related to the company mission; that is, economic reactivation of the territories through services delivered through a proprietary digital platform to individuals, companies, nonprofit organisations and public administration in the fields of local commercial networks, digital marketplaces, social marketing, corporate benefits, employee welfare and complementary currencies. Alberto has collaborated with BBS for more than 20 years, both as a “corporate case history guest” and contract professor, in the subjects of marketing, branding, communication, sustainability and circular economy, in various courses, ranging from Global MBA to Master’s Degree in Business Management courses. Alberto’s educational background is in Business and Marketing, with a degree in Economy and Commerce from the University of Bologna, a one-year Erasmus scholarship at the University College Dublin and a one-year, full-time Master’s in Communication & Marketing in Milan. Before his current position at TreCuori, he worked for Arthur Andersen, Armando Testa, Ferrari, Maserati and Lotto Sport, advancing to the position of Global Head of Marketing and Communication.


“Sustainability,” a much used and sometimes abused word by companies and entrepreneurs. Sustainability means not only “doing the same things better,” but also “doing things differently” and “doing them with others.” These different approaches to sustainability also imply different performance and outcomes for businesses and companies, performance that must be measured, in order to be better managed. This course will address these issues by analyzing how to measure sustainability within enterprises and organizational ecosystems, with a focus on developing management control dashboards, developing key performance indicators, and setting performance targets.

Business Management – Green Management and Sustainable Businesses