Food Alchemist Manager Future Food Institute

Curious, proactive and totally passionate about science and gastronomy. Graduated in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and with a Master in Gastronomic Science. He is deeply focused on developing healthy, sustainable, innovative and tasty recipes, food products and food experiences. He has been working in the Future Food Institute since 2019 in the education and the innovation side bringing health, science and food innovation to people and corporations. Currently, he is managing the Food Alchemist Lab.


How is it possible to build bridges between countries and bring more sustainable practices into the food industry through “innovative and educating products” that can change food behaviors? This module will focus on food trends and new scenarios (new food production, 4.0 technologies applied to the food industry, new food culture, and identity as drivers of innovation).

The course begins by investigating the Maillard reaction and its effects on flavor, color, and potentially harmful compounds in food processing. Participants will learn how to optimize processing conditions to enhance flavor while minimizing negative substances. Participants will then examine the impact of various food processing techniques on nutritional quality. They will learn about thermal processing’s effects on nutrient bioavailability and preservation of bioactive compounds. The course emphasizes innovative approaches to maintain nutritional value while ensuring food safety. Sensory analysis and flavor perception are explored in the subsequent segment. Participants will gain knowledge of advanced techniques used to assess sensory properties like aroma, taste, and texture. They will understand the factors influencing flavor perception and learn to develop consumer-friendly food products.

Food Innovation and Regeneration