Information Design Manager and BI Consultant Visualitics

Francesca is Information Design Manager and BI Consultant at Visualitics. Here her main focus is to create a link between the design and the data worlds, designing impactful dashboards that provide both a great user experience and an effective data analysis. Since working with BI tools such as Tableau, she has seen the possibility of working with data and visualizing it by combining visual effectiveness and interactivity. UI and UX design are the main

She strongly believes that communicating data must provide answers to specific needs. UX and UI design are the main tools of her toolbox. But with a background as architect and urban planner, she has always the “big picture” in mind.


This course is designed for those who work with data and want to deepen their knowledge on ways to make effective visualizations and dashboards. You will learn how visual memory works, how to use different chart types appropriately in order to answer specific questions, and how to design dashboards using visual best practices. Key concepts will be explored using a hands-on teaching method, alternating between theory and practice.

Business Analytics and Data Science