General Manager Europe Wicked Foods

With nearly two decades of experience in the FMCG sector across Europe, the Americas, and Asia, Felippe Fontanelli excels in navigating diverse markets and driving growth. His portfolio includes leadership roles at The Hershey’s Company, McCain Foods, PepsiCo, Future Farm, and Wicked Kitchen. Fluent in English, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish, he is adept at building multicultural, high-performance teams. Currently, as General Manager Europe at Wicked Foods Inc, Fontanelli leads strategic initiatives, reshapes business models, and drives successful mergers with a commitment to sustainable food industry practices. In addition to his corporate achievements, Felippe is the founder of the Virtuous Initiative, a project dedicated to advancing sustainable food systems. Through this initiative, he aims to harness his industry insights and network to support startups focused on ethical and environmental sustainability, further integrating his passion for positive change within the food sector.


The course is a dynamic and interactive program designed to empower professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully navigate the complexities of bringing products and services to market. This comprehensive program, divided into four engaging lessons, will feature top professionals as guest speakers, sharing their own business cases to illuminate key topics.

Food Innovation and Regeneration