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Sustainability Manager in Green Media Lab and BBS alumna from the 2019 GMA in Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses. After 8 years of experience in multinational contexts (Dyson, Reckitt) as specialist and people manager, decided to redirect her career towards her real passion for Sustainability.

Green Media Lab is a media relations and sustainability advisory company certified B Corp since 2018. It’s among the 8 companies in Italy recognised as B Corp Way partner by B Lab, to officially guide companies in their B Corp Certification process and to develop ESG strategies integrated with the UN Agenda 2030. Green Media Lab sustainability and communication expertise has been recognized at national and international level, an example is the ‘Excellence in P.R.’ Assorel Award in the ‘Communication on Circular Economy’, won with a campaign developed in 2018 for the Patagonia brand.


The course highlights the risks of greenwashing and emphasizes the significance of ethical communication in sustainability matters. Students will learn to recognize and combat deceptive practices while promoting genuine and transparent sustainability efforts. The goal is to equip students with the skills needed to foster honest sustainability communication, ensuring a responsible corporate governance and avoiding reputational and legal risks.

Sustainability Transition Management
Sustainability Transition Management (Part-time)