Global Chief Procurement & Supply Chain Office Amplifon Extended Faculty

Degree in Electrical Engineering at the the University of Bologna, Executive MBA at Alma Graduate School, now Bologna Business School. After working in SGS Thomson, enters Alstom Transport as Test Engineering Supervisor and stayed there from 1997 to 2000. Subsequently he joined Datalogic SpA, a multinational group for which he worked until the beginning of 2016, covering roles in time increasing responsibility as Plant Manager, Procurement & Logistics Manager, Industrial Operations Director, Global Sourcing & Logistics Director and finally Vice President Global Procurement maturing also a solid international experience. Joined Amplifon in March 2016 as Chief Procurement Officer.


This module focuses on the management of suppliers and on the purchasing process.

The supply strategy will be analysed in terms of market analysis, development of a portfolio of suppliers and of management of the specific product category of purchase (number and typology of suppliers; methods to manage the relationship: collaborative vs. competitive; opportunities and risks when turning to global sourcing). The purchasing method is analysed in its fundamental stages, in particular focusing on methods and techniques for their streamlining. The module also features a wide overview on modern management tools of procurement (i.e. vendor rating advanced systems, risk management tools for purchases) and a specific in-depth analysis of international purchases, developed also through the analysis of real cases.

  • Portfolio for the strategic management of suppliers: Kraljic matrix and recent approaches
  • The stages of the purchasing process: detailed analysis and streamlining measures
  • The partnership relationship with the supplier: methods, advantages and weaknesses
  • Creating (and using) an advanced vendor rating system
  • Risk-management for purchases
  • International purchases in a changing world: global sourcing, re-shoring or “right-shoring”?
  • Industry 4.0: impacts on the supply relationship.
Supply Chain and Operations