Adjunct Professor University of Bologna

Edoardo A. D’Elia, graduated in Philosophical Sciences, is an adjunct professor at the University of Bologna for the laboratories of Writing and Argumentation and Oral Italian Language, and at the Unicollege SSML in Mantua for the courses of Multimedia Communication and Sociology of processes. cultural and communicative. He created Deckard, a multimedia science dissemination platform. He conceived and coordinates the StartUp Day meets Humanities program, a program of involvement in entrepreneurship dedicated to students of the humanities of the University of Bologna. He works as a trainer (public speaking) and moderator in live and digital events. He collaborates with Il Foglio and has written Parlare. Tools and techniques of speech for Hoepli.


During the course, of an applicative nature, the main characteristics of professional communication will be analyzed, focusing the students’ attention on the transversal tools applicable to all levels of corporate communication: internal communication, public relations, marketing, advertising and communication on SNS.