Deidda Gagliardo

Deidda Gagliardo
Italia Full Professor of Busines Administration University of Ferrara Visiting Faculty
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Vice Chancellor, Full Professor of Planning and Control of Public Administrations, Director of the Master PERF.ET, Member of the Technical Commission for Performance at the Department of Public Administration, established by Decree of the Minister for Simplification and Public Administration pursuant to Article 4 of Presidential Decree 105/2016 and participant in the Technical Table at the National Anti-Corruption Authority for the preparation of the National Anti-Corruption Plan 2016, with particular reference to small municipalities and metropolitan cities.



The institutional mission of Public Administrations is the creation and protection of Public Value in favor of their users, of citizens and, more in general, of public, private, and not-for-profit stakeholders of the specific geographical area, that is, the joint and balanced improvement of the levels of social, economic, environmental (and during a pandemic also health-related) well-being of said subjects.

An administration creates Public Value when it can finalize performances  – institutional, organizational, and individual –  (Performance Management) towards the joint improvement of the levels of well-being, starting from the care and improvement of the health-related level of its resources (human, economic-financial, instrumental, material, and digital).

An administration protects the Public Value when it is able to prevent and/or manage risks –strategic, operational, economic-financial, corruption-related, IT-related, of safety,  transparency,  privacy, health-related, etc.– (Risk Management), so as to reduce the non- or partial achievement of policies and performances and thus to prevent the erosion of Public Value.

The creation and protection of Public Value is therefore achievable when administrations are able to plan, measure, assess, report performances and risks in an integrated and finalized way.

The Public Value Manager will be able to plan and govern the Integrated System of planning, measurement,  assessment, accounting of performances and risks of their own PA in the perspective of the creation and protection of the Public Value, that is the improvement of the level of fair and sustainable well-being for users, citizens, and stakeholders.

The creation of Public Value, within the perspective of a fair and sustainable well-being, through the control of public policies and strategies and their related national, regional, local performances presupposes the improvement of the processes and tools of the internal, external, and territorial governance of the administrations, in the context of the European public governance. All of this from the perspective of the construction of true chains of co-creation of Public Value.

The Public Value Manager will be able to support the administration in its internal governance (region, province, metropolitan area, municipality, other PA) from the perspective of the generation of Public Value; the Manager will be able to support the administration in its external governance (private-public companies and GAP – Gruppo Amministrazione Pubblica – Public Administration Group) from the perspective of the creation of Public Value; the Manager will be able to plan and govern the re-design of the territory’s institutional architectures, with reference to the creation of public networks or the strengthening of unions of municipalities and of other local forms of association, to the merging of municipalities, from the perspective of the co-production of value for the territory, together with the territory.