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Experience acquired in the automotive industry (FIAT, Yamaha, Ducati) where he developed and specialized, at first in his capacity as Quality Manager and then as Purchasing Director, an innovative approach and methodology to manage the Supply Chain, nowadays widely adopted in several Italian businesses. He has designed and launched startups with the role of CEO in the consulting industry with Ducati Consulting, in the not-for-profit industry with Fondazione Ducati and in Networks of Businesses with Grid Italy. He publishes articles on management journals and collaborates with industrial associations and business schools. Today, he’s sharing his 25 years of direct experience with his team of partners offering management consulting for Business Development Projects, businesses and the academia. He’s a business advisor for SME’s entrepreneurs and teaches Lean & Supply Chain Management at the University of Bologna.


CORE COURSE – After developing the decisions of competitive positioning of the company, the process of value creation for customer and the identification of critical success factors that shall orientate the supply chain and operations decisions will be analysed, highlighting the existing relationships between them and business strategic choices. When dealing with the topic of the “enlarged operating system”, both the impact of purchases on competitiveness and the policies that can be implemented for the creation and management of a supply chain consistent with the pursued strategy will be highlighted.

  • The strategic positioning of the company and the identification of critical success factors
  • The alignment between business strategy and production system
  • Operations and Supply Chain as value generators
  • Production strategies and multi-location
  • The make or buy decisions: vertical integration or production decentralization
  • The supply chain strategy: orientation towards efficiency or responsiveness
  • The impact of new technologies: Industry 4.0.
Supply Chain and Operations