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Italy Associate Professor of Economics and Business Management University of Bologna Core Faculty
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Mariachiara Colucci is Associate Professor at the Department of Management of the University of Bologna, where she teaches Strategic Management and Corporate Strategy. Her research activity focuses on topics such as inter-firm relationships, brand licensing, creativity and legitimation, CSR, using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Her scientific contributions have appeared in various international journals and books, including: International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, International Journal of Arts Management, The Oxford Handbook of the Creative Industries. She received her PhD in Business Administration and was a Visiting Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania and at the Grenoble École de Management.


From the Business Idea to the Business Model: during this seminar the theme of Business Idea and its articulation in Business Model is discussed. The distinctive features of a solid Business Idea are discussed and some managerial tools are presented to communicate the specificities of a Business Idea. Furthermore, the theme of the Business Model is studied in depth as a logic of creation and defense of value.

MBA Part-time (Evening)

The business’ decision-making process, the planning approach and the strategic positioning. The understanding of the competitive environment and competition dynamics. The process to generate value and the role played in this field by the relationships with other enterprises of the business system. The identification, pursuit and preservation of the sources of competitive advantage in changing contexts. The creation of the business model and its adjustment to the transformation of the framework conditions.

MBA Part-Time (Weekend)