Core Faculty

Clarissa Ceruti is a professional with more than 15 years of experience in technology transfer working both in the US and Italy. She is currently a Consultant at Bugnion SpA, a leading patent law firm based in Milano. Upon receiving her MBA, she worked with Prof. G. Pisano and H. Chesbrough at Harvard Business School, and with Prof. F Murray at the MIT Sloan School of Management studying different aspects of the biotech industry and its relationship with pharma companies. That experience made her realized how important is to understand the business aspects of science. Since 2007 she has been working in technology transfer first at the University of Pennsylvania and then The Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, and more recently at the Bioindustry Park, Ivrea, Torino. In her role, she has managed and evaluated a portfolio of technologies negotiating license agreements, industry-sponsored research agreements, and option agreements. Her interest and expertise relates to:
1) evaluating and assessing the patentability and commercial potential of invention disclosures, including the identification of corporate partners and negotiation of agreements;
2) identifying strategic collaborators and complementary technological application(s) to in-license;
3) evaluating life science assets, competition, and economic trends and factors affecting their economic value;
4) performing market research and competitive analysis of risks and opportunities of life science assets.


The course aims at presenting, with a focus on life sciences, the major issues related to the management of research projects and the innovations resulting from these, as well as the pathways for enhancing the results, both through technological transfer paths that start up innovative businesses. Particular attention will be devoted to the analysis of the industrial aspects of these pathways and to the patent and commercial exploitation of the results of scientific research, including business start-ups.

Business Management – Life Science and MedTech