Director of Research and Innovation Food for Climate League

Chhavi is the Director of Research and Innovation at the Food for Climate League with international experience in food design and systems thinking. She entered the food world with the ambition to promote a foundational systemic shift from intensive to regenerative, centralized to decentralized, taste & convenience-driven to also health and wellbeing focused. Through R&D projects and innovation workshops, Chhavi has helped major FMCG companies like Dole, Barilla, and Ab-Inbev in sowing the seeds to their human and planet-centered agenda. Today she acts as an ecosystem architect connecting the dots between the needs of different stakeholders of the food system with the ones of our planet, developing a new human & planet-centered methodology to drive systemic innovation.


Prosperity thinking is a methodological approach to designing a world that fulfills all its beings’ needs within the planet’s ecological means. This concept goes beyond the more traditional design thinking approach by putting the planet at the center. Prosperity thinking aims to enable the design of a better food system starting from a shared, inclusive idea of prosperity that encompasses not only economic growth but also social and environmental well-being. Prosperity Thinking means that we can only thrive, as well as our economy or business if the planet thrives. This module focuses on Prosperity Thinking methodology for future food systems, Future Thinking and Foresight for regeneration, Values Thinking, and food behaviors. In this module, participants will become familiar with the approach that goes beyond user-centered design to designing for human- and planet-centered growth.

Food Innovation and Regeneration