Italy Marketing Manager TicketSms Extended Faculty
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Armando has been working in marketing since 2010, when he took my first steps in a communications agency with the role of copywriter. Today he creates strategic and operational marketing plans, web marketing plans and social advertising campaigns.
Starting from the startup world (co-founder ITExists, travel company specialized in experiential tourism) he is a marketing consultant for dozens of companies and, for one of these, holds the role of Marketing Manager: TicketSms, a tech company operating in the world of online ticketing.
He collaborates continuously with various local training bodies (including: Ecipar, Cescot) where he holds training courses on Strategic Marketing and Web Marketing. He was a Mentor at Almacube Bologna.
In the two-year period 2020-2021 he collaborated with the agency that followed the communication campaigns for the regional electoral campaigns of Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany.
Beyond the professional sphere, he is Tommaso’s father and a great sports fan. Swimming and running are the ones he practises most consistently, with the hope of one day participating in his first Triathlon race.