Canal Vieira

Canal Vieira
Adjunct professor University of Bologna

Research Fellow at the Department of Management (DiSA). Leticia has a bachelor in Environmental Engineering (Universidade de Passo Fundo, Brazil), a masters’ in Production Engineering (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) and a PhD in Environmental Planning (Griffith University, Australia).

Her research interest lies in how societies and economic activities can transition towards more sustainable and resilient states in a climate change context. Currently, she is focusing on the manufacturing industries’ low-carbon transition, seeking to understand the decarbonization and climate adaptation strategies adopted by companies and their relationship with broader socio-technical and environmental systems.

Previously, Leticia has researched food systems and the role that local food initiatives and urban food strategies can play in a sustainability transition and in increasing food systems’ capacity to cope with climate change effects.


Even though many companies have developed sustainability programs over the years, we are currently witnessing a combination of sustainable approaches that are unable to constitute a truly sustainable strategy. The aim of this workshop is to develop a debate on the role and performance of companies, with regards to sustainability challenges, opportunities, and new solutions. Specifically, the objective is to describe and unravel the connections between management of innovation and the theme of sustainability within companies.

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