Italia Associate Professor University of Bologna Extended Faculty

Professor of Business Statistics at the Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Bologna. Lecturer in various courses of the School of Economics, Statistics and Management, including Business Intelligence and Analytical Techniques for CRM and Marketing Research. He is Director of the Master in Investigation de Mercado y Data Mining at the Buenos Aires University of Bologna.

His recent research interests are linked to studies for the implementation of semi-industrial analytical systems using the latest innovations of Computer Science as end platforms. He worked on data mining methods for the reduction of subjective choices in defining the driving parameters of a customer profiling project, discriminating models estimated with kernel space (for customer profiling and credit scoring) and selection approach linked to the theory of information complexity.


This course emphasizes statistical methods useful for tackling modern-day data analysis problems. A special attention is dedicated to techniques that help managers to make intelligent use of databases by recognizing patterns and making predictions.

The students will develope skills to:
• plan a statistical data analysis process
• manage a data source
• choose the best method to analyze the data
• implement the analysis and interpret the results

Data Science and Business Analytics
Finance and Fintech

This course explores psychographic segmentation in the context of customer relationship management (CRM). Students will learn how to integrate psychographic data into CRM systems to personalize customer interactions, implement targeted marketing strategies, and conduct predictive behavior analysis. The ultimate goal is to develop skills to use psychographic information in building lasting customer relationships, contributing to the long-term success of companies in an emotionally connected and strategically informed manner.

Marketing Management
Data Marketing and Analytics