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Franco Callegati is associate professor of telecommunication networks. His current research interest are in the field of Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and cybersecurity. He has been active in EU-funded research projects since 1994. He served as co-chair of the Education Committee of the IEEE SDN Initiative and is currently Director of the Center for Industrial Research in ICT of the University of Bologna as well as President of the T3Lab Consortium.


Engineering applications for the Internet of Things raises a spectrum of relevant challenges, concerning both the individual/micro level – about the design of the (smart) software running on embedded devices – and the system/macro level – about the design IoT applications as (smart) distributed systems. The course aims at providing an overview of the key concepts, software architectures, and techniques relevant to the design and development of applications for the IoT, both from the micro- and the macro-level perspectives.