Senior Lecturer in Supply Chain Management Bayes Business School Visiting Faculty

Son, Byung-Gak is a Senior Lecturer in Supply Chain Management at Bayes Business School. His research interests are Supply Chain Partnership, Supply Chain Risk Management, and Offshoring and Outsourcing. Currently his research is more focused on Managing Risks in Extended Supply Chain. His consultancy work includes the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affair and The Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency.


Operations management involves all the functions necessary to design, operate and improve the systems that create and deliver products and services. In this course, our focus will be on various production and operations functions, decisions and trade-offs that are necessary to create value for an organization. In order to reflect today’s work environment half of the course will be focusing on boundary spanning activities like supply chain management and sourcing as significant opportunities and challenges for operations management emerge from globalization.

Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods
Food and Wine
Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports
AI and Manufacturing
Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses