italian Chef Hostaria Glass

One of the few Italian women chef to be awarded a Michelin star, Chef Cristina Bowerman is one of the most representative and internationally recognized figure of our gastronomic scene. In June 2016 she has been appointed as President of the new born Ambasciatori del Gusto Association which deals all over the world to enhancing the Made in Italy food and wine.

Cristina Bowerman was born in Apulia, Southern Italy. When she was 20, she moved to the US where she graduated in Culinary Arts at the Austin University, in Texas, attending the Famous Cordon Bleu’s program. Since 2006, she is head chef at Glass Hostaria in Trastevere, Rome. She has earned several national awards: among them, the Michelin star in 2010.

Her history and the one of Glass were chosen as a case study at the illustrious Bocconi University. Cristina’s cuisine can be defined as provocative in which modernity, tradition and imagination naturally coexist.  In the last years she has been teacher and manager for the professional cooking courses at the “Italian Chef Academy” and at the University of Illinois’ classes in Rome. The several awards and recognitions she earned didn’t quench her willingness to study and to experiment, with a special focus on the intersection between science and cooking In 2014, Mondadori released her first book, mid-way between a cookbook and a biography: From Cerignola to San Francisco and back – My life as chef swimming against the tide.