Research Fellow University of Bologna Adjunct Faculty

Filippo Boccali is Research Fellow at Department of Management at the University of Bologna. He is engaged in a project on the assessment of the financial impact of innovative industrial additive manufacturing production technologies. He is a Ph.D. student at Università Politecnica delle Marche in the Department of Management. He teaches in several full time Masters or Executive programs at Bologna Business School, and he is a teaching assistant at the University of Bologna, with a focus on cost management, performance management systems, business performance analytics, cost accounting and management control. He has always been active as a consultant and a researcher on the issues of structuring cost accounting systems and business performance analytics, i.e. the use of mathematical or statistical methods to control the performance of the company. As regards these topics, he has national and international publications, in particular in the magazine “Management Control” and in International Journal of Production Economics.


Performance Management system course covers the use of economic and financial information to manage competitive advantage; models for the analysis of economic and financial performance; parameters for the valuation of the profitability of a company; financial sustainability for the tax performance of a company; strategic sustainability of a company’s performance; economic and financial benchmarking; budget analysis for the management of vendor client relations; strategic control systems and performance monitoring (Balanced Scorecard); simulation techniques for economic and financial performance; performance management.

Executive MBA

CORE COURSE – The determination and management of the sales price between competition costs and value for customers. The customer-based price; how to measure the value perceived by the customer and define the price. From the definition to the management of price: differentiation of prices, versioning, price bundling and unbundling. How to avoid price wars: from price competition to value competition.

Sales and Marketing