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Italy Full Professor of Corporate Finance University of Bologna Core Faculty
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Marco Bigelli is Full Professor of Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance at the Faculty of Economics, University of Bologna. He is also the Founder of the website, Independent Director of the Bank of Bologna and a party Technical Consultant in financial matters. His main research interests concern: corporate governance, shareholders’ expropriations, dual-class firms and seasoned equity offerings, on which he has published articles in numerous international journals, such as Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, Financial Management, European Financial Management, Journal of Business Ethics, and Journal of Business Research. After working at Imi Bank Luxembourg, he obtained a PhD in Finance from the University of Bergamo. He has been Visiting Phd Student at the University of Alberta (Canada) and Visiting Professor at Johns Hopkins University, the Université de Paris XII, the University of Strathclyde and the University of Lugano, Switzerland.


CORE COURSE – Corporate finance is one of the areas closest to the strategic management of a company. It comes into play in investment and financing decisionmaking and in extraordinary operations. The course provides the basic theoretical and methodological tools necessary to evaluate investment decisions, determine company capital costs, optimize the choice of financial structures, evaluate companies, operation of companies, how the principle tools to aquire risk capital work, the detection of the main areas for corporate governance and its implications vis-à-vis the company’s objectives, the main financial risks and the derivatives used to cover them.

Executive MBA

The Optimal Financial Structure: one of the key elements of Corporate Finance, and is aimed at identifying the optimal financial structure of the company, or how much a company should borrow and which debt ratio maximizes its value.

MBA Part-time (Evening)

Financial mathematics fundamentals for financial evaluations; evaluation of efficiency and profitability of an investment project; company valuation and criticalities of different methodologies; understanding of the different variables that make up the optimal financial structure of a company; firm corporate governance and the problems of firms with diffuse ownership and concentrated ownership; risk capital collection through venture capital, private equity and public listing of companies.

MBA Part-Time (Weekend)