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Italy Dean and Full Professor of Business Administration University of Bologna Core Faculty
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Massimo Bergami is the Dean of Bologna Business School and Full Professor at the University of Bologna where he teaches Rational Behavior. His interests include organizational identity, leadership and creativity. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), founding Chair of the EMBA Consortium and Senior Advisor of the MAST Foundation. He is also a Director of Brunello Cucinelli Spa and of Ferrarelle SpA, after having served as an independent director in various listed companies. He founded and managed StartCup (the first business plan competition in Italy) and is part of the Advisior Board of Best program founded with the Fulbright Commission. He received his PhD in Business Management from the University of Bologna, attended the International Teachers Program (ITP) at the Stern School of Business (New York University) and was Visiting at the Ross School of Business (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor), SDA Bocconi (Bocconi University, Milan) and the Warrington College of Business (Florida University, Gainesville). He is Honorary Professor of Nankai University (Tianjin) and of Mirbis (Moscow).


CORE COURSE – The course provides the essential tools for managing working groups and personal development. Businesses increasingly need developing a collective, widespread leadership, able to combine the need of taking decisions with the need to listen; the need of letting individuals’ potential emerge with the need of mediating among different requirements. The modern world increasingly needs people who are more able to express themselves and more able to be together. Specifically, the aim of this course is to provide the basic tools to achieve these objectives.

Technology and Innovation

CORE COURSE – The power to choose, motivate and lead people is one of the key skills required to “make things happen” in business. This course aims to develop self awareness among participants about their leadership styles through experiential learning. Sessions will alternate among completion of tasks, behavioral self awareness, and interaction with professionals and managers who have guided companies and organizations to excellence.

Executive MBA