Italy Professor and Consultant Kubisco SRL Adjunct Faculty
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Consultant and corporate trainer in Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA), Adjunct Professor at Unibo and BBS, he has been working for over twenty years in the field of data management. Today he deals with Power Pivot for Excel, Analysis Services Tabular and Power BI, dedicating himself to teaching and deepening the DAX language, being the first teacher in the world to teach it in a University. He implements BI in companies and integrates it with Statistics to create predictions and he has been promoting for years the dissemination and implementation of BI and BA and in general the use of Statistics throughout the territory of Northern Italy. He is a founding member of the Power BI User Group Italy.
Master of Science in Engineering and Economics, graduated in Unibo, he then obtained the Master in Radiocommunications and the Master in Business Administration at BBS.
In his spare time he plays and listens to music, reads literature, history and philosophy and practices sports.