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Giorgio Bellettini is Full Professor of Economics and Head of the Department of Economics at the University of Bologna. His main research interests are in international macroeconomics and political economy. He has published several articles on leading international journals. He got his Phd in Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. He was a Visiting Professor at the Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan, l’Univeristè Cergy-Pontoise, at the Carlo Alberto College Turin at the University of Evry. He is a Research Fellow at the Center for Economic Studies and the Ifo Institute for Economic Research (CESifo) at Munich.


INSPIRATIONAL AND MOTIVATIONAL SESSIONS – The world we live in is an interconnected one in which something that happens thousands of miles away can affect markets at home and those in the rest of the world. The global market offers enormous opportunities to managers but also exposes them to a greater number of risks and challenges. The sessions aim to discuss the GBE in which companies operate and in which managers find themselves making their own strategic decisions, analyzing in particular the impact and the effects of trade and capital flows at the international level.

Executive MBA

This course examines macroeconomics in open economies that are linked by trade, capital flows, and monetary policies. The goal is to provide a framework for understanding current events affecting the world economy. The participants acquire the analytical tools needed to examine the financial performance of economies, balance of payments problems and policy, the causes and consequences of exchange rate movements and the implications of macroeconomic relationships between countries.

Food and Wine

The course deals with monetary and macroeconomic relations between countries. Specifically, it covers topics such as the foreign exchange market, the causes and consequences of exchange rate movements, the implications of macroeconomic linkages between countries, costs and benefits of the European Monetary Union.

Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods
Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports
Automation and Robotics
Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses