Investment Manager & Advisor

Giovanni has over 25 years’ experience in advisory, investment and portfolio management in Alternative Investments/Hedge Funds, Natural Resources/Energy, and Derivatives. Additionally, he has significant experience in business set-up and capital acceleration, including a JV that launched a leading European quant manager; a strategic agreement between an ESG-focussed boutique and a major Nordic group and the funding of a major sustainable natural resource project.

Currently, Giovanni is senior advisor to a ML research provider and an ESG-focussed equity manager. Recently he was a Director at Auriel Capital (now Impact-Cubed), an ESG-focused investment manager. From 2002-2014 he was the CEO of FGS Capital, a quantitative asset management boutique. Previously, he was Associate Director at First Quadrant, Consultant at BARRA International (now MSCI BARRA) and Research Fellow at the University of Bologna in Italy.

Giovanni is a CFA Charter Holder and was educated at Bologna University, University of Essex, and London Business School. He is on the Board of IAQF.


This course explores the ways in which new technologies are re-shaping the financial services industry. The course will provide insights on how blockchain, AI and deep learning can affect the financial industries. Students will also gain an understanding of how these technologies can affect the competitive landscape of the financial sector.

Business Analytics and Data Science