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Giorgio Ballotta is Senior Partner di Achieve Italy – Miller Heiman Group, in the Banking & Insurance area. His principal specializations and experience acquired over the years cover: Customer Satisfaction, Business Intelligence, Customer Recovery, Organizational Development, Change Management, Professional Development, Training, Performance Evaluation Systems, Coaching, Mentoring, Incentive Systems and HR Management. From 1985 to 2000, he worked with Telecommunications, with Telecom Italia and in other companies in the sector. During this period he acquired professional and managerial experience in Line (commutation of networks and transmission systems) and in Human Resources (Division of Business – HR Management). In 2001 he moved on to the Unicredit Group (Rolo Banca) as Head of Training and Professional Development for Retail Unicredit. Successively, from 2010, still in the HR sector, he assumed the responsibility of the structure of LLC Country Italy. From 2012 until 2017, he was First Vice President, Customer Satisfaction and Stakeholder Insight Italy, always in the Unicredit Group. He has consolidated experience on the main areas of HR, with particular attention to Change Management actions, based on business integration and changes in the organization model. He graduated in Political Science at the University of Bologna. He has worked for public and private companies, gaining experience in Business Line and Human Resources, mainly in the Telecommunications and Finance sectors.