Founder & CEO di Efficiento
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As the Founder and CEO of Efficiento, (previously Cloudif.ai), a business automation and digital transformation consultancy company, he helps customers optimize their processes, leverage artificial intelligence and intelligent automation, and design and deploy their future-ready solutions. With over 25 years of experience in various industries, he has a proven track record of transforming ideas into enterprise projects, products, systems, and architectures, based on cutting-edge technologies and platforms.

He is also an Adjunct Professor at Bologna Business School, where he teaches Big Data for Industry 4.0 to master’s students in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Finance and Fintech. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise on AI, metaverse and web3, blockchain and crypto, and how they can create value and impact for businesses and society. He is a frequent speaker, trainer and coach on these topics, as well as a Futurism fan, an Environmental, Social and Governance enthusiast, and a Technology for Good advocate.


Big Data is a big challenge in today’s world. Companies and public entities urgently need to manage the acquisition, presentation, sharing, analysis and visualization of data.

The first module starts with a general overview of the Data Revolution and Industry 4.0 and then jumps into the world of technologies and architectures provided by the main cloud and technology vendors. In the second part, the course explores how to use structured and unstructured data at their best, so to jump in the “AI world” to get insights to provide support to business decisions, with some case studies.

Data Science and Business Analytics
Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Management
Finance and Fintech