Aurore Severine Gilberte

Research Fellow of Computer Science and Engineering University of Bologna
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Aurore Alcolei is a young researcher in theoretical computer science and more precisely in the field of logic and programing language semantics. She is interested in describing certain aspect of computation within the mathematical framework of game semantics.

In october 2019, she graduated with a PhD from the ENS of Lyon (France) and started working as a post-doc within the ERC project DIAPASoN lead by Ugo Dal Lago at the University of Bologna. In 2021 she joined the BBS core faculty teaching Basics Python for the master in Digital Technology Management.

During her PhD she got the chance to visit the Universitiy of Cambridge for a year and involve herself in various teaching activities from basics to theoretical computer science. She also took part in popularization events around computer science such as “La fête de la science” and was a member of the scientific board of the exhibition “Entrez dans le monde l’IA” to come in September 2021.