Fabio Lambertini | Hybrid MBA

13 December 2022

A high-level career, the desire to continue growing and an ideal format for reconciling professional commitments, study and private life. In the testimony of Fabio Lambertini, Global Head of OTO (Online to Offline) Retail Processes at Maserati, a vision of the future and the business that never stops expanding and that, for this reason, cannot do without continuous training. 

Can you tell us about your career path?

My path at Maserati began in 2007 during my final year of Business Management specialisation at the University of Bologna. During these 15 years, Maserati has allowed me to delve into various business areas from sales to after-sales, network development, marketing and PR & Communication. At the same time, the Maserati brand has grown enormously, thanks to investments in the product range and new production facilities, and I have contributed to this growth. For example, during one of the last roles I held, that of General Manager of Southern Europe, Italy became the primary market for Maserati in terms of volume and EBIT in EMEA. I currently occupy the role of Head of Global Online To Offline Retail, in which I deal with strategic sales processes that have Omnichannel as their focus. I bring my experience to prepare Maserati’s business model for the future.

How and why did you choose the Hybrid MBA in BBS to continue your education?

The Hybrid MBA was the path best suited to my needs for continuous educational improvement. In fact, in the Hybrid MBA, I found a fair balance between the activities that I carry out daily in Maserati and the training offered online and offline with BBS. At the same time, I am a great believer in Made in Italy and the excellence of the Motor Valley. I believe that the professionalism of companies like BBS is essential to demonstrate outside Italy that we have unique elements that set us apart.

What do you think are the Master’s strong points?

After a few months of teaching, one of the main strengths is the concreteness in linking the subjects studied to their practical application in various work contexts. In addition to this, the incredible support of each professor in deepening the topics addressed in the Master’s course and the opportunity to meet several high-profile people who shared their visions with us.

Having reached this point in your journey, what do you think you will take with you to the company after Graduation and what have you already changed thanks to the Master in your approach to the profession?

Thanks to the training I received during this phase of the Master’s program, I have already been able to address various issues with greater awareness. I feel I have already acquired a much broader vision of the corporate context. In my current role, where it is crucial to understand and anticipate trends in retail, I found sharing experiences during the Master’s course particularly useful.


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