Webinar | Unlocking Global Potential: Executive MBA English Ed. for Immediate Impact on your Career

Mar 13 2024 - 7 pm - via Microsoft Teams

Join industry experts Riccardo Silvi, Scientific Director, and Andrea Pia, Executive Director, for an enlightening webinar as we explore the pressing challenges and opportunities shaping the business landscape in 2024.

Titled “Unlocking Global Potential: Executive MBA English Ed. for Immediate Impact on your Career” this webinar is your gateway to discovering how the Bologna Business School EMBA can equip you and your organization with practical tools and concrete knowledge for immediate benefit.

The speakers involved will be:

  • Riccardo Silvi, serving as the Scientific Director, brings extensive experience in financial analysis and strategic management.
  • Andrea Pia, as the Executive Director, is renowned for his innovative approach to engineering and creativity, fuelling sustainable growth and industry-shaping innovation.

Furthermore, an Alumnus of the program will contribute to this discuss with his/her own business case.

During this webinar, you’ll explore:

  1. 2024 Business Challenges: Gain insights into current challenges and effective strategies for navigating them.
  2. Concrete Knowledge for Immediate Benefit: Learn how the Bologna Business School EMBA delivers tangible results using original and innovative tools for business idea generation, financial analysis, cost management and business transformation. 
  3. Program Overview: Get an in-depth overview of the EMBA program and how it can help you achieve your professional goals.

The Webinar will be followed by a final Q&A Session.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock your potential and make a tangible impact in the short term. Reserve your spot now and take the first step towards realizing your goals.