Webinar | Managerial challenges and the value of an MBA during the pandemic

Jan 27 2021 - 6 pm- Via Microsoft Teams

On Wednesday, January 27, from 6 pm to 7.30 pm, there will be via Microsoft Teams the event “Managerial challenges and the value of an MBA during the pandemic”

Thriving on Chaos is the title of a successful book used by managers during the ‘90s. The author outlined the importance of the quality of managerial resources as a remedy in times of crisis, and the relevance of dedicating the best ones to the management of units focused on the innovation of processes and products.

Different things have changed, but there is always a need for good management, since the current situation pushes managers to look for new goals, behaviors and skills. Leaders should be able to move resources and at the same time redesign business models, as if they were entrepreneurs.

And digital is just a part of the new model to be developed.


Massimo Governatori – Project Leader to IMA Group

Luca Lambertucci – Business Partner Manager to Injenia

Nicola Tomesani – MBA Part-time (Evening) Director

Alfredo Montanari –  BBS Managing Director


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