Webinar | Customer Centricity

May 31 2022 - 5 pm - Via Microsoft Teams

On Tuesday, May 31st, we will host the virtual event Customer Centricity with Alessio Arcando, Ceynur Nak and Elisabetta Maurizzi.

Customer management is one of the key issues in defining business strategy. An efficient customer experience is critical to business success. Customer Centricity is expressed through the identification of customer needs. These needs are identified through both open and closed questions to various decision-makers.

The webinar will explore a real case presented by Dr. Elisabetta Maurizzi – Key Account Manager at Henkel. Elisabetta will explain how she identified who the decision-makers were, what the customer’s needs were, and, therefore, how to co-create value.

From the study conducted, following meetings with decision-makers, the following customer needs to be emerged:

  1. Safety: the beverage plant was having problems with bottle rework with the competitor’s adhesive, and was looking for an adhesive that offered a solution to this problem.
  2. Quantification: through careful analysis of data provided by the customer, a proposal was formulated for a new and specific adhesive that would allow the customer to work safely:
    environmental sustainability (low soda content during rework);
    reduction of energy costs: reduction of water temperature for bottle rinsing.
  3. The customer did industrial testing to see if the new adhesive met the requirements for productivity and bonding quality.
  4. The customer agreed to a three-year exclusive supply contract for a glass labeling application.


Alessio Arcando, Executive Director Open Program Key Account Management
Ceynur Nak, Founder and President, Leappo LLC, Adjunct Professor Bologna Business School
Elisabetta Maurizzi, Key Account Manager, Henkel

The Open Program Key Account Management will be presented at the end of the webinar.

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