Michael Watras meets BBS

Mar 19 2018

Michael Watras, a world renowned leading expert in brand strategy, recently defined by some major Italian newspapers and magazines as the ‘corporate identity guru‘, will be a guest of Bologna Business School to discuss the role of branding in the development of the potential of Italian companies.

The excellences in the various Made in Italy sectors are numerous and often leaders in their own market niches. An appropriate branding policy and the building of a solid corporate identity can help them to increase the distance from competitors by strengthening their position of leadership, also increasing their growth in order to reach new markets.


The development of branding strategies is the real challenge of the future for companies wishing to approach the international market without having to remain hostage to the price variable. In the global market the true strength of a company is measured by the ability to be a brand with unique and exclusive characteristics and therefore to be able to influence buyers’ choices, both in B2B and in B2C.


Founder and CEO of Straightline, Watras is one of the world’s leading experts in strategic branding and corporate communication, as well as an esteemed opinion maker who in nearly 40 years of career has made a decisive contribution to the success of giants such as Pfizer, Bausch & Lomb, Xerox, T.Mobile and Chrysler, strengthening their brands and helping them to grow in economic and image terms.




2.15-5.00 PM    Branding for Made in Italy: 
                         developing the potential of Italian Companies

How can branding help Italian companies to develop their potential to gain further leadership on the world market and establish themselves in the emerging ones? An opportunity to deal directly with one of the world’s greatest brand strategy and corporate identity experts, to discuss the possible branding strategies capable of developing and consolidating the leadership position of Italian companies on the global market.


6.00-7.30 PM   Innovation Talks. Michael Watras

Branding Innovation: How can branding support the growth of Italian excellent companies, is the title of the Keynote Speech dedicated to the Community of BBS, during which Michael Watras will provide his vision on the possible trajectories of branding for Made in Italy.


7.30-10.00 PM  Dinner with Michael Watras

Dinner reserved to sponsors, entrepreneurs and Executives.


Both events will be held in English with simultaneous translation into Italian.




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