MGIncontri: Consorzio Libera Terra

Jul 07 2022 - 5:30 pm - Via Microsoft Teams

On Thursday, July 7th, at 5:30 pm (CEST), there will be a new appointment in the MGIncontri series, via Microsoft teams, with special guest Valentina Fiore, Managing Director – Consorzio Libera Terra.

MGIncontri, are a series of meetings with businesses, managers, and personalities to provide insights, inspiration, and opportunities for growth. The series of meetings is entirely dedicated to students, prospects, and members of the Community of the Master in Business Management.

Libera Terra was created with the aim of valorizing fertile but difficult territories, starting with the social and productive recovery of property freed from the mafias in order to obtain high-quality products through methods that respect the environment and the dignity of the person.

Social enterprises of this type are private entities that carry out on a stable and primary basis an activity in the general interest, not for profit, and for the purpose of solidarity and social benefit by adopting responsible and transparent management methods and encouraging the widest involvement of workers, users and other stakeholders in their activities.

Libera Terra’s project aims to give dignity to territories characterized by a strong mafia presence, through the creation of autonomous, self-sufficient, long-lasting cooperative enterprises capable of providing employment and proposing a virtuous economic system based on legality, social justice, and the market.

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