#MBALecture: CUCINA POP with Davide Oldani

May 08 2015 - h. 18.00 - Bologna Business School - Villa Guastavillani, Via degli Scalini 18 - Bologna

Davide Oldani, the creator of cucina pop (pop cuisine) who has the facts about management. After Harvard, the chef and entrepreneur will go up to the podium of Bologna Business School.

Davide Oldani, the creator of CUCINA POP – high quality and accessibility – opened his restaurant il D’O, in 2003, in his hometown of Cornaredo in the province of Milan. One year after opening, the world’s most authoritative food guides counted him amongst the greatest chefs of contemporary Italian cuisine. Prior to opening D’O, he worked with Gualtiero Marchesi, Albert Roux, Alain Ducasse and Pierre Hermé. In December 2008, Oldani was awarded with the Ambrogino d’Oro by the City of Milan. This article from The Wall Street Journal shows that Davide Oldani is not a stranger abroad, in facts, the international interest on his work started long time ago.


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“My CUCINA POP was born from the desire to combine simplicity with well-made, delicious with accessible and innovation with tradition. I am convinced that great Italian cuisine is great – not only for its variety and flavours – but because it is open to infinite reinterpretation: I do it with simplicity, with an emphasis on each individual ingredient. Seasonal ingredients and exceptional quality are the two cornerstones of my cuisine. To these two principles I have added a third, that guides me in the preparation of every dish: the search for harmony and the equilibrium of contrasts, that for me is not only the promise of sweetness in something savory or an idea of saltiness in something sweet, but it is also the harmonious coexistence of everything that stimulates the palate in every dish: soft, crunchy, hot, cold, sweet, bitter…”.

In November 2013 he was invited to Harvard Business Shool to share his experience as an entrepreneur following a case history about his restaurant which was published in the Harvard Business School Review: the economics professors at the university defined his approach and his organization applicable to many different sectors, not only to restaurants. March 2015 held a lesson at the University of Business in Paris HEC.

May 2014 saw the opening of Davide Oldani Cafè – in the new luxury Piazza at Maplensa Airport, Milan. From September to November 2013 he conducted the first season of the program, The Chef, on channel La5. From September to December 2014 he conducted the second season of the program, The Chef, on channel La5. He’s author of various books. For the past 14 years, Oldani has collaborated with the authoritative culinary magazine, La cucina italiana, and writes a weekly column about sport and cucina POP for the magazine Sport Week. He has been named Ambassador of Expo 2015.

His activity as a designer is born from keen observtion of his guests and their habits. Tables, chairs, dishes, tableware and glassware are inspired by the POP cuisine philosophy: simple, functional, elegant. The brands created for his designs are: “IDish” – “assiette D’O” – “H2D’O” The formats are: “FOO’D” – “Davide Oldani Cafè” – “CucinaPOP”


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