Management in Action

Jul 14 2015

Director of the Master in Management with an ex student will tell you how to make manager with non-economic disciplines.

This meeting is designed for individuals who want to invest in their future, and who began university studies in subjects not directly related to management. They want increase the value of their education and they come with a spirit of change and growth.


Alfredo Montanari, Executive Senior Advisor Bologna Business School

Alessandro Grandi, Director of the Master in Management
Mattia Battistini, Program Manager Caregiving Italia s.r.l


Mattia Battistini is Program Manager at Caregiving Italia, his training started with a degree in the Arts and Humanities and a Master’s degree, at Bologna Business School, in the sector of advanced services. After experience in the areas of consultation and trade development, he turned to the healthcare sector early in his career.

Since 2012, Mattia has held the position of Service Manager for the Betaplus, Gaucher@home and Hunter@home services, in addition to supporting the Kogenaid program, where he handles planning of activities and management of specific procedures.


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