Jill Morris #atBBS: the sustainability strategy of England

Jan 13 2020 - 11 am - Bologna Business School - Villa Guastavillani, Via degli Scalini 18 - Bologna

On Monday, January 13th, at 11 am Bologna Business School will host the British Ambassador to Italy Jill Morris for a keynote speech entitled Sustainability and Clean Growth: the UK Strategy. The British diplomat, in office in Rome since 2016, has already attended a meeting in BBS in March 2017, to speak to our Community about the possible risks related to Brexit.

Since then, the British domestic situation has undergone significant changes, with the political sunset of Theresa May and the victory in the elections of December 12th, 2019 of the Conservatives pro-Brexit led by Boris Johnson.

However, next Monday’s meeting will focus on the strategies envisaged by England to counteract what is objectively becoming the real emergency of the entire planet: climate change. From Fridays for Future by Greta Thunberg, named person of the year by Time, to the shocking images of Australian fires, through the floods in Indonesia and the thermometer that touches twenty degrees in Norway, the diktat ‘there is no time to lose’ it is increasingly unavoidable.

What is England’s position on sustainability? We will discuss this with Ambassador Jill Morris on January 13th.

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