Innovation Talks. Valentina Marchesini

Dec 02 2020 - 6 pm- Via Zoom

The third meeting of the Innovation Talk Fall Edition 2020 will host Valentina Marchesini, HR Manager of the Marchesini Group, on Wednesday, December 2th at 6 pm.

Marchesini Group designs and manufactures machines and customized lines for the packaging of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, offering extraordinary packaging solutions.

Separate the vines and learn about sustainability“: together with Valentina Marchesini we will talk about the Marchesini Group’s business model, focused on sustainability and social and economic responsibility.

We are aware that the sustainability of our business, in principle, is fundamental to creating value for all our stakeholders, ensuring the development not only of the Group but also of the areas in which we operate“.

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The meeting will be held in English.

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